Resolution 03-01-2020 Port Closure Policy

Resolution 03-02-2020 Declaration of Local Emergency

Resolution 05-01-2020 Electronic Signature Policy

Resolution 05-02-2020 Providing for Defense and/or Judgement or Settlement

Resolution 06-01-2020 Ratifying Revision to Port of Kingston Rules and Regulations 

Resolution 07-01-2020 Amend Resolution 08-02-2019 to Appoint New Port Auditor

Resolution 07-02-2020 Rescinding Resolution 10-02-2019 and 10-04-2019 to Authorize the Visa Credit Cards Filed With Kitsap Bank

Resolution 07-03-2020 Amend Resolution 07-31-19 Declaration of Support for the Kingston Regional Stormwater Project and intent to Enter into an Easement Agreement with Kitsap County to add easement Terms and Conditions

Resolution 07-04-2020 Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account Authorizing Resolution  

Resolution 08-01-2020 Boating Infrastructure Grant Account Authorizing Resolution.

Resolution 10-01-2020 Adopt 2021 Budget 

Resolution 10-02-2020 Adopt 2021 Capital Budget 

Resolution 10-03-2020 Adopt  2021 Rate Schedule 

Resolution 10-04-2020 Adopt 2021-2025 Comprehensive Plan

Resolution 10-05-2020 Adopt 2021 Tax Levy Certification and Resolution

Resolution 11-01-2020 BFP Boating Facilities Program Authorizing Resolution    

Resolution 11-02-2020  Adopt Revised Rules and Regulations

Resolution 11-03-2020 Adopt Revised Personnel Manual

Resolution 11-04-2020  Approve Award Contract for Active Traffic Management – SR104 Holding Lanes

Resolution 12-01-2020 Approve SR104 Active Traffic Management System

Resolution 12-02-2020 Interlocal Agreement with Kitsap county for SR104 Active Traffic Management System

Resolution 12-03-2020 Engineering Dive Survey of Breakwater