Steve Heacock

Photo by Marvin Robles

District 1

2019 Vice-Chair

Steve Heacock is the newest Port Commissioner from District 1. He was selected to fill the position vacated by Bruce MacIntyre on Feb. 1, 2018 and will serve until the 2019 election.

Steve brings permitting and current planning experience to the Port of Kingston Commissioner team, having worked in the natural resources field for over 27 years. He and his family moved to Kingston in 1998. Steve has been a volunteer for the Kingston Citizen’s Advisory Council since 1999, including several years as Co-Chair. His experience includes grant writing, budget and program development, public education and outreach, and complex shoreline, environmental and land use permitting expertise.

As a defined urban growth area, Kingston is going to see many new developments, residents and businesses. Steve believes Kingston’s downtown business core needs to keep its maritime charm and character. He would like the Port to work with State and County agencies to find a short-term fix and long-term solution to the antiquated tally slip system. Steve would also like to see the Port work with agencies, tribes, fishermen, farmers and the business community to provide a better nexus to economic vitalization within the Port’s boundaries for the benefit of its residents and the north Kitsap community.


Mary McClure

Photo by Marvin Robles

District 2. Term: 2016-2021

Mary McClure began serving as Port Commissioner, District 2, in January 2016. She brings a strong professional knowledge base built on 45 years’ experience providing consulting services and business solutions for both private companies and public projects. Her experience spans cities throughout the nation, Puget Sound, and especially Kitsap County, with focus on the intersection of economic and community development. As a professional facilitator, she brings a passion for building relationships that promote open communication and respectful dialogue within the community. Through a wide variety of projects, including serving 15+ years as Executive Director of the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council, Mary has gotten to know Kitsap’s communities and what good government looks like.

Close to home, she has been active in many Kingston volunteer projects. She co-founded and now co-manages the Kingston Farmer’s Market, and serves as Board President for the Village Green Foundation. Mary is a long-time Kingston resident, having lived on Apple Tree Cove since 1989. A recreational boater for over 30 years, Mary and her husband Jimmy James raised their children on Apple Tree Cove and the waters of the surrounding Puget Sound. Her fond memories of watching her children’s futures take shape here inspire her to seek out opportunities for Kingston’s economic future so that other families may build their own wonderful memories for many years to come.

Mary’s central goal is to see strong, balanced Port Leadership and to strengthen the Port’s role in exploring economic development opportunities throughout the community. She wants to promote coordination among government agencies so that Kingston enjoys the full range of services that we deserve. Fundamentally, Mary believes that government exists to serve the people.


Photo by Marvin Robles

District 3. Term: 2018-2023

2019 Chair

Laura Gronnvoll is the Port’s new District 3 Commissioner, having been elected to a six-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2018. Her family has lived in Kingston for over 40 years. She was married here and she and her husband, Sverre, raised their three children here.

Marine services have always played a major role in their lives. When Laura met her husband he was working at a propeller repair shop; now one of their sons, Erik, owns a propeller repair shop in Kingston. 

“We are here to stay,” said Gronnvoll.

In addition to her duties as a Port Commissioner, Laura works at the local law office of Beebe, Roberts & Bryan as a paralegal/legal assistant.

 “I know Kingston is changing and there are a lot of different opinions about the nature and desirability of those changes,” she said. “But we all love this town and I encourage everyone to take part in the conversation in a positive way.”