Along with the Marina, the Port of Kingston provides parking for traveling guests, vendors, mooring tenants, and daily commuters. Currently, there are 46 permit parking spaces marked PERMIT, for tenants. There are 238 parking spaces available for public use and 13 accessible spaces for individuals with disabilities. Currently the regular daily parking fee is $10.00 per 12 hour increments or $20.00 for 24 hours. The machines are capable of accepting multiple days in one transaction-up to 14 consecutive days.

Unfortunately, RV Parking is not allowed in our parking lots

The main pay station is centrally located in the paid parking lot. There is another pay station that is located near the boat ramp, and a third pay station attached to the Port Office facing the ferry terminal building. The main and boat ramp station will accept exact cash, debit, and credit card. The pay station at the office only accepts credit or debit card. If you wish to extend your parking time you may do so by calling the Port Office, and we can accept your payment via a credit or debit card over the phone. Please allow yourself at least 30 minutes prior to the expiration time noted via your ticket stub, as so to avoid a parking ticket due to passing the expiration.

The pay machines do not have the ability to return money or give change, and will not accept coins.

Note: Regular vehicles are not allowed to park in the designated truck and trailer spaces or permit spaces. Parking citations will be issued.


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Tips to Handling the Parking Pay Machine


The main pay station is located in the center of the main parking area just as you enter into the parking lot from Central Avenue and Washington Blvd., which leads right into the parking lot. The second station is near the boat ramp. The following are steps that may make it easier to pay and be on your way:

  1.   Have space number ready.
  2.   Remember, if using cash, the machines only take exact cash, and do not disburse change.
  3.   Enter your space number in the left-side keypad.
  4.   After prompted on screen, enter amount of time needed (minimum increments of 12 hours or number of days).
  5.   Wait for display to show amount to pay.
  6.   Enter payment via cash, credit or debit card.
  7.   Wait for ticket stub to print out.
  8.   Retain stub and keep it handy until after expiration time.
  9.   Call Port Office for any assistance.

Note: Machines may not immediately display successful transaction or print out a ticket stub. Do not attempt to try again; please call the Port Office to finalize the transaction. If outside of business hours, leave a detailed voicemail and we will return your call.


Two-Hour Parking


The Port provides FREE two-hour parking for the general public. These spaces are clearly marked as Two Hour, and are available to anyone visiting the Port of Kingston, Mike Wallace Park, and downtown businesses for two hours or less. Please be advised the Port strictly enforces the two-hour time limit; to avoid a ticket, make sure that you return before your two hours expires. Otherwise, you will receive a parking citation.

NOTE:  If you are parking to take the ferry, please use our numbered spaces, not the two-hour parking, because it is all too common that delays happen involving the ferry. However, if this does happen, please contact the Port Office before the two hours expires to extend your stay. You may then pay the normal parking fee over the phone via a credit or debit card.


Parking for Individuals with Disabilities


The Port also provides 13 accessible parking spaces for individuals with disabilities, which allows up to 4 hours of free parking, after the 4 hours regular parking fees will apply. Six spaces are located near the Mike Wallace Park Stage right in front of the grassy area, which is part of the regular two-hour parking. Two spaces are located in the Tenant Permit areas near the docks. Two spaces are located near the boat launch in the Truck and Trailer parking area, with another single space also near the boat launch. The remaining two spaces are located near D-Dock. All spaces are van accessible with the exception of the the two spaces in the Tenant Permit area.

If you find that you will be having to stay longer than the allowed 4 hours, please contact the Port Office to extend your stay. Otherwise, you will receive a parking citation. Currently the regular daily parking fee is $10.00 per 12 hour increments or $20.00 for 24 hours.


 Monthly Parking Permits


If you are regularly commuting via the ferry, you may consider our Monthly Parking Permit option. Currently, the monthly fee is $135.00; and there is an agreement form to complete, along with a parking pass to display on your vehicle. However, there is a limited number of these permits.

Monthly Parking Permits are now available! Please contact the Port Office 360-297-3545, or email for more details.


Truck & Trailer Parking


The Port also provides 18 Truck & Trailer parking spaces conveniently adjacent to the boat launch ramp, with overflow parking available up the hill in the paid parking area. Currently, the Truck & Trailer parking fee is $10.00 per 12 hour increments or $20.00 for 24 hours, and the parking pay station is located next to the launch ramp.

Note:  Trailers cannot be parked without the truck attached. Consequently, truck and trailers are not allowed in any “Permit” spaces or single vehicle spaces. Otherwise, you will receive a parking citation.




If you have received a parking citation, you may fill out our Void Parking Citation Request Form and submit for review:


Void Parking Citation Request Form