Marina Updates & Alerts


Please be advised that our tenant parking placard policies have changed. Your red 2022 parking placard will be valid until 2024. Going forward we will change placard colors every other year. You will still receive an invoice for your annual tenant parking fee ($20.00 + tax).

If you have an outdated parking placard (i.e green, orange or purple) you are subject to citations. Please see the Port office to exchange outdated placards at your earliest convenience. 


If you have not provided the Port office with a copy of your Washington State DOL Registration Certificate please do so. Come June 30th, 2023 we will begin contacting tenants regarding their 2024 registrations. Please be sure to provide the Port office with current copies of all applicable insurance policies for vessels as well.

Click Here for updates for fishing via Fish and Wildlife in Washington State. Hotline: 360-902-2700

Click Here for updates for tribal fishing via Point No Point. Phone: 360-297-3422