36' D Dock Waitlist

1R. Neth01/01/01
2M. Lind01/24/13
3M. Ruiz01/20/18
4N. Veenstra04/05/13
5S. Cox06/29/18
6H. Kentner11/21/18
7Sinderman & Spytek02/13/19
8Zapuchlak & Fain07/21/19
9T. Prindle04/20/20
10A. Mazhari09/06/20
11K. & B. Wagoner10/02/20
12S. Vanek10/03/20
13D. Jordan & R. Mehm10/07/20
14P. Darney10/15/20
15D. Pouzar11/13/20
16J. Jewell11/27/20
17T. Meyer & K. Varnum01/27/21
18W. Niver05/14/21
19E. Bentzen06/15/21
20J. Lambertsen06/20/21
21S. Wilson06/23/21
22A. Nelson06/23/21
23M. Stevens06/27/21
24G. Klepzig06/27/21
25 Tupper/Wunderlin07/28/21
26D. Green07/29/21
27D. Howard8/17/21
28K. Hart08/18/21
29J. Waldrop 09/23/21


36' D Dock Covered Waitlist

1N. Anderson06/26/20
2D. Muller06/22/20
3T. Grandt08/07/20
4D. Jordan & R. Mehm10/07/20
5L. Mason11/10/20
6A. Tomson12/28/20
7A. Parsons10/07/20
8E. Bentzen06/15/21
9S. Haskell08/01/21
10J. Hart 08/18/21
11S. Anderson 08/18/221
12. J. Waldrop09/23/21

Estimated Wait Time

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